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Triple kit truffles olive oil and boletus
£36.00 Ex Tax: £36.00

Introducing the Triple Kit: a luxurious combination of black truffles, black truffle olive oil, and ..

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Truffle Set Sliced Black Truffles and White Olive oil
£84.00 Ex Tax: £84.00

This Set of chopped black truffles and white olive oil is a delicious combination of earthy and savo..

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Set of black and white truffle oil
£25.00 Ex Tax: £25.00

Set of White and Black truffle oils include 2 bottles:250ml/8.45oz  Black truffle oil with arom..

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Truffle Shaver of stainless steel
£24.00 Ex Tax: £24.00

Truffle ShaverTruffles are a prized culinary gem in today's gastronomy, yet not an item we usually i..

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Truffle Carpaccio with summer truffles
£20.00 Ex Tax: £20.00

Experience the exquisite taste of truffles all year round with this gourmet carpaccio! Enjoy it on t..

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Black Truffle Butter
£10.00 Ex Tax: £10.00

How does black truffle butter taste?Treat yourself to the exquisite taste of black truffles with bla..

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Minced Black Truffle
£20.00 Ex Tax: £20.00

What is Minced Black Truffle?The combination of finely chopped black summer truffles (Tuber aestivum..

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Truffle sauce Tartufata
£8.00 Ex Tax: £8.00

How to use the truffle sauce for cooking?Ross Tartufi truffle sauce is an excellent base for many di..

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Whole Black Truffles
£12.00 Ex Tax: £12.00

Enjoy the excellence of the black diamond all year round with Whole Black TrufflesThe fresh black tr..

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Truffle sauce white Tartufata
£7.00 Ex Tax: £7.00

Cream made from cultivated mushrooms and white truffles or known in Italy as Salsa Tartufata-Bianca...

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Honey with white truffles-120g
£8.00 Ex Tax: £8.00

This White Truffle Honey is made from Acacia honey, created by bees foraging the nectar of the Robin..

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White Truffle Butter
£10.00 Ex Tax: £10.00

Truffles, a supreme luxury of nature and the kitchen, have a distinct and intoxicating earthy aroma ..

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Porcini/Ceps and white truffle cream
£9.00 Ex Tax: £9.00

Delight in the decadent flavor of our truffle crème with porcini mushrooms and white summer truffle...

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White Truffle Oil
£10.00 Ex Tax: £10.00

Discover the exquisite flavor of white truffle with this exquisite white truffle olive oil. Made by ..

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White Truffle salt
£12.00 Ex Tax: £12.00

This rare white truffle salt from Perugia, Italy is made from the finest Guerande sea salt and flake..

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Black Truffle Oil
£10.00 Ex Tax: £10.00

What is Black Truffle Oil?Black Truffle Oil is an ultra-premium blend of the highest quality black t..

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Black Truffle salt
£12.00 Ex Tax: £12.00

Our Truffle Salt is the ultimate way to experience the luxurious flavor of truffles in the comfort o..

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Terra Ross: Luxury Truffle Products for a Gourmet Experience

At Terra Ross Ltd., we provide our customers with high-quality truffle products made in Italy with the highest quality standards in modern and certified factories. Our Italian partners ensure that their products are up to the most stringent European standards in food safety and quality, and we are proud to offer our customers these Italian products at competitive prices. We are fully committed to upholding the IFS Ver. 7, BRC, KOSHER, and HALAL certifications. Our commitment to quality and safety goes beyond just meeting the standards, we strive to exceed them.

Our product line includes the most popular truffle staples:

Olive oil with black or white truffle flavor
Black summer truffle carpaccio in olive oil
Brisure with balck truffles
Whole truffles in brine
Black or white truffle butter
Truffle salt
Tartufata with truffle
White tartufata with truffle
Cream of porcini mushrooms and white truffles
Honey with white truffles
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Welcome to our blog, where we dive into the fascinating world of black truffles. These elusive and highly prized earthy delicacies have captivated food enthusiasts and chefs alike for centuries. Known as the "diamonds of the kitchen," black truffles bring an unparalleled depth of flavor and aroma to any dish they grace. Join us as we explore the origins, cultivation, culinary uses, and the overall magic surrounding black truffles. Whether you're a seasoned truffle lover or new to the experience, prepare to be transported into a world of gourmet delights and culinary adventures.

The History of Black Truffles and Their Culinary Uses

Black truffles have a rich history dating back to ancient times, where they were considered a delicacy by the Greeks and Romans. These prized fungi were first cultivated in France in the 19th century, leading to an increase in their availability and popularity. The cultivation of black truffles allowed them to be enjoyed by more people, not just the elite. Nowadays, black truffles are highly valued for their unique aroma and flavor, which can be described as earthy, musky, and slightly garlicky. The distinct taste of black truffles adds a sophisticated touch to any dish. It's no wonder why chefs around the world use black truffles to enhance dishes such as pasta, risotto, and scrambled eggs, adding a luxurious touch to their creations. The addition of black truffles elevates these dishes to a whole new level, making them a favorite among food enthusiasts. Whether shaved or grated, black truffles bring out the best flavors in any recipe, making them a must-have ingredient for any food lover.

Exploring the Different Varieties of Black Truffles

Black truffles come in various species, including Tuber melanosporum and Tuber aestivum. Each variety of black truffle has its own distinct aroma and flavor profile. Whether it's the intense and earthy aroma of Tuber melanosporum or the more subtle and nutty scent of Tuber aestivum, every type of black truffle offers a unique culinary experience. Different varieties of black truffles also have varying levels of rarity and price. The highly sought-after Tuber melanosporum, also known as the Périgord truffle, commands a higher price due to its limited availability. On the other hand, the Tuber aestivum, or summer truffle, is more accessible and affordable. It's fascinating how the different varieties of black truffles thrive in different regions around the world. While Tuber melanosporum is found predominantly in France, Tuber aestivum can be harvested in countries like Italy and Spain. This geographic diversity adds to the allure and excitement of indulging in these prized fungi. Whether you're a truffle connoisseur or a curious food lover, exploring the various species of black truffles is a delicious adventure worth embarking on.

A guide to identifying different types of black truffles

Identifying black truffle species can be quite challenging due to their similar appearance. However, experts have developed several methods to differentiate between them. One common way is to look for distinguishing characteristics such as size, color, and surface texture. These minute details can help experts categorize black truffles accurately. Another method is to rely on their unique scent. Each variety of black truffle emits a distinct fragrance, which can be used as a clue in identifying them. Microscopic examination is also a crucial tool in species identification. By analyzing the morphology of truffle spores, experts can gain valuable insights into the specific type of black truffle. However, in recent years, DNA analysis has become increasingly popular in accurately identifying black truffle varieties. This advanced technique allows for more precise classification and eliminates any room for doubt. With these various methods at their disposal, truffle experts can confidently determine the exact black truffle species they are working with.

Exploring the regional differences in black truffle varieties

The Perigord region in France is world-famous for its production of the highly prized Tuber melanosporum, also known as the Périgord truffle or Black diamond. This region's ideal climate and soil conditions create the perfect environment for these luxurious fungi to flourish. Similarly, Italy's Piedmont region is renowned for its Alba white truffles (Tuber magnatum), which are considered some of the finest and most expensive truffles in the world. The unique combination of soil, humidity, and tree species found in this region contributes to the unmatched aroma and flavor of these exquisite truffles. Meanwhile, Spain's Teruel region is home to the Tuber melanosporum variety, often referred to as the Spanish black truffle. While similar to the French black truffle in many ways, the Spanish black truffle has a slightly different aroma and flavor, adding a distinct touch to culinary creations. Lastly, Oregon in the United States has emerged as a prominent producer of black truffles, particularly Tuber melanosporum and Tuber gibbosum. This region's diverse geography and passionate truffle enthusiasts have successfully cultivated these prized fungi, contributing to the growing global demand for black truffles. Whether it's the traditional truffle regions of Europe or the emerging truffle hotspots around the world, each region offers its unique and exceptional black truffle varieties, showcasing the fascinating diversity and versatility of these culinary gems.