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Truffle recipes

Cooking with Fresh Black and White Truffles

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Elevate Your Culinary Creations: Cooking with Fresh Black and White Truffles

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Cooking with White Truffles - An Epicurean Delight!

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Learn all the tips and tricks to using this luxurious ingredient to create delicious dishes that will impress family and friends. From risotto to omelets, discover how to make the most of this earthy and exotic flavor.

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Pasta and fresh truffles

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In the product mixing bowl, grate the grated cheese, two-thirds of the fresh truffles, and add the butter and the olive oil. Stir well and lightly warm in a flat bottom pan until the oil becomes liquid. In a small saucepan with salt water, boil the macaroni.

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Sandwich Perigor

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Eggs are frying on a strong fire to stay awake. The slices of peas are baked on a grill and then spread with a truffle oil. Place the eggs on the sliced slices and cut the black truffle.

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Spaghetti with potato puree with truffle oil and garlic

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Easy and quick recipe cooked potatoes and aromatic truffles

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